About Megan Riordan

Megan Riordan is currently a freshman at Drake University. She is a Design and Technology and Digital Media Production Major. She is from Chicago, IL.


Her education started at George F. Cassell elementary School from K-12. Cassell was less than 2 blocks from her house. Her high school was Whitney M Young. Magnet High School in South Loop Chicago. Whitney Young was a 1.5 hour commute every morning.

When she was in 5th grade her mother Kathleen Riordan, signed her up for film classes at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago. From that point on Megan had fallen in love with all things technical in the entertainment industry.

At her time at Whitney Young she had work many big events the school hosted. Megan worked a student interview with 1619 New York Times Writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, the Chicago Mayorial Debate, the Chicago Gubernatorial Debate, and an event where Mark Cuban came in and talked to the business students. She was also a big help in the schools broadcasting class. She ran sound, lights, and camera for all of her classes news room clips.

Megan was involved in Whitney M. Young’s theatre program. She joined as a freshman on the sound crew as a general member. After two years of learning and doing four shows she became leader of that crew. Teaching fellow classmates with different backgrounds all about sound and how to analyze a script. This was a very important to her because it taught her leadership and communication skills that has helped her grow into a better person and designer.


Megan is the fourth and final member of her family. Her father, Denis Riordan is a chief plumber inspector for Chicago. He is born and raised in Chicago and has moved all around the county. Megan’s mother, Kathleen Riordan is a planned gift giving officer for MDA. She has worked multiple jobs in the same field of planned gift giving. She was born in Paducah Kentucky. Kathleen is a very smart women who went to grad school in Chicago. That is where Denis and Kathleen met. The two met in a bar close to Kathleen’s school and where Denis was getting off of work for the night. From there it’s happily ever after.

Megan has a twin name Morgan. Their parents just love alliteration. Also, Morgan is older by 5 mins and is taller than Megan by 3″.Morgan is a social butterfly that can’t sit still to save her life. Morgan goes to school in Salem, West Virginia at Salem University. She is a committed D2 Water Polo player. Morgan has played Water Polo for over 10 years. She has received that chance to travel the country and meet Olympians through the Water Polo community. She is an amazing player.

It has been decided that Megan can take her sister on land in a fight. However, once the fight lands in water its game over for Megan. Since Morgan has been training hard for Water-Polo since 6th grade when she had decided to do the sport in high school. Megan and Morgan went to two different high schools. Morgan went to a catholic high school named Mother McMaculey. There she played Water Polo and was invested in the religious programs the school had to offer. . She taught children to play Water Polo.