Let’s Talk About Crocs!


The purpose of your Crocs is to allow comfort and style to your everyday life. Crocs are a rubber clog that allows arch support and easy access to get your feet in. The shoe can be worn to the beach, pool, in hospitals, and anywhere else you feel like.

Why I Like Them

The reason why I am such a big fan of crocs is for the fact that they are fun, fresh, and fruity. Crocs allow me to style my outfits in fun and unique ways. I can add a pop a color that gym shoes and dress shoes couldn’t. I also like them because they are light weight and it doesn’t feel like I am carrying 10 lbs extra of weight Crocs also make it hassle to wear. I struggle with finding shoes that fit my wide feet. If I do find a pair that isn’t crocs the shoes are ugly and have no fun to it. Crocs come in all different widths so its fits my feet and many other people as well. Crocs also allow me to not have a biohazard stink wave when I take off my shoes. When I do a lot of physical activity my shoes get smelly. Crocs are light and breathable so its little to no stink at the end of the day.

What Makes Crocs Worth It

Crocs is a very generous business that recognizes its out reach has. When the COVID-19 pandemic was starting Crocs donated 100s of pairs a day to first responders in medical fields. Since March 2020 they have donated over 860,000 pairs globally. They are also risk free. So if you don’t like them you can send them back for free. They have a 90 day policy incase something happens to them. They make it nice and easy for you.


Crocs allow the wearer to customized each pair by adding charms or jibbitzs to each shoe. They can be plants, emojis, fictional characters, numbers, sports, animals, and so much more. They have endless charms to choose from so you can really have fun with them. You can buy bundles of random jibbitz for around $10 for about 100 charms. Theirs been trends of people painting of them to make up fun designs. My sister painted black spots on her white crocs to make it look like a cow print. I have seen multiple people watercolor their shoes to get fun waves and color mixtures. People have fun with the ability to make it their own.

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