Life at College

I am a student at Drake University. My majors are Design and Technology for Theatre and Digital Media Productions for Journalism. I have a solid group of friends that I love and adore and who love and support me. Its awesome.

My friends are my constant supporters. They always have my back and we are able to talk about life at mature levels. It’s amazing how much they mean to me and close you can get to someone only knowing them for a short time.

We have gone on many adventures as a group. We have gone out to almost every sushi place in town, we are very familiar with our way to and from a Target, and its the weekly trips to a new coffee shop to try out their signature blend.

However, the constant adventures of traveling around Des Moines and the nearby county’s there is always plenty of photos that are taken. With every trip outside the dorms a camera is always in hand. Its either me taking a polaroid, a disposable camera photo, or using a fancy phone camera. Additionally its the setting the phone up on trashcans, statues, and other random locations to take group photos.

As the groups dedicated photographer, I am always making sure to take fun photos as a reminder of our years at college. I have looked at photos from my fall semester reminiscing on a different times. In the result of getting emotional on how much I and my friend group has changed for the better.

Professor Impact

I have founded myself a great group of people. They are my rock and we come from all over the midwest. But their are parts to college besides the friendships that have made it great. I have had Professors that make me smile and laugh and make it enjoyable. Others not so much.

Having majors in creative fields allows the school to hire fun professors who have real life experience and are amazing to learn from. With that being said professors have a hard time but they recognize how much an effort the students are making and its turely amazing to see.

I have a professor in my theatre major that brings out so much joy and interest when they teach. Sitting in one of their classes is a fun experience because they manage to have fun teaching. Every student walks away understanding what the lesson was to little to no confusion. A professor like that hardly comes around any more.

A couple of my Journalism Professors are the same way. They are entertaining and they make me really want to listen and to learn instead of just watching and going through the motions of the day. The professors care about each student and they really want them to have connections during and after their time at Drake. They are so dedicated to their students and its been an honor to have been a person amongst many.

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