What I have done in my career.

In my career I have been focus on doing work in live theatre, events, and behind the camera. Going to Whitney M Young Magnet High school I was able to learn a lot and have a lot of experiences due to many guest speakers. With my knowledge of film from my time at taking classes at the Beverly Arts Center I have skills to work behind cameras, lights, and headphones for recorded entertainment and news.

Shows I have done

I have done fifteen shows in my recent years of doing theatre. All ranging from designer to general member. Being involved in different experiences allowed me to grow and adapt to a better designer after working under many different directors.

List of Shows

  • Into The Woods. Directed by Erin Horst and written by Stephen Sondheim
  • Songs For A New World. Directed by Adam Yankowy and Written by Jason Robert Brown
  • Othello. Directed by Micheal Rothmyer and Written by William Shakespeare
  • Seawall/Killing Roast Beef Directed by
  • Bling Ring/ Crossroads. Directed by
  • Trap. Directed by Daniel Winkler and written by Stephen Greg
  • Ragtime. Directed by
  • City of Angels. Directed by Daniel Winkler and written by L. Gelbert
  • Radium Girls Directed by Daniel Winkler and written by D.W Gregory
  • Once on This Island Directed by
  • Sistas Directed and written by KaySandra Hunt
  • Still Life Of Iris. Directed by Daniel Winkler and written by Steven Dietz
  • The Good Times are Killing me Directed by Daniel Winkler and written by Lynda Barry
  • The Addams Family Musical Directed by Daniel Winkler and written by A.Lippa, E. Birkman, E. Elice
  • The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan, Directed by Daniel Winkler and written by Phillip Klapperich

Events I have Worked

Some events I have worked at my High School that help prepare me for what I know is Choir, Band, Orchestra, Dance, Guitar, and club showcases. Whitney Young has a talented performing arts program. All of the dance and guitar shows would be sold out. Whitney M. Young was very privileged we were so fortunate to have many talented and amazing spokesman give talks about their lives, host celebrities, Whitney M. Young was also the host for mayoral and gubernatorial debates. I was fortunate enough to work a lot of main stream events that was published in many big news papers around Chicago.

List of Events

  • Mark Cuban,
  • Nikole Hannah-Jones,
  • Holocaust survivors,
  • College lectures,
  • mayoral and gubernatorial debate,
  • Common,
  • nine country consul generates. ( Australia, People’s Republic of China, France, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, South Africa)