Why I Like Behind the Scenes Work

Why I like doing behind the scenes work because it allows me to use my creativity and skills in a way that most people don’t think of. When a designer works on the show their goal is to leave the audience in awe. Its to make the audience forget about their worries and just fall into what they are watching.

Photo at a sound board
by: Nicole Davis

Falling in Love With The Work

A movie that always makes me feel like I am apart of the action, part of the story is the Marvel movie series. The visuals, sounds, and actors make you feel like you are in the story. Its interactive and it feels like you are straight out of a comic book. The designers for Marvel do a fabulous job every time. The designers inspire me to create work like them.

When I get a script for a movie, play, or musical I take my time to read and understand the story. I want to understand the character and understand the story. So I reread the script until I know the story and characters as if they are my own. Then I start designing. I start designing for sound, props, lighting, set, or hair and makeup. I start to see the story unfold. Having the power to create a characters life just from a couple words is powerful.

Watching a movie or play I always think, how did they do that? How did they create that sound effect, or how did they get the set to fall apart safely and be able to be reset with a click of a button, how did that character make that quick change. I am constantly thinking about that and it start to get invested. I watch videos on YouTube to understand effects so I can incorporate them to my shows. Or I try and talk to the stage manager before leaving and asking them.

Where It All Started

I had fallen in love with designing since I was in 5th grade. When I was in 5th grade I made a stop motion film for a project for class. It was long but the payout was worth it. From that point on I started expressing interest being behind the scenes. I signed up for film classes and started working behind the camera either as a camera person, boom mic, slate. Whatever I could do to avoid being in front of the camera.

My grammar school, George F. Cassell, was a fine arts school. So every end of the semester there was a whole school performance. It was either a collection of winter holiday songs or a Jr. version of a musical. I had to stay on stage and preform until I was an 8th grader. When I was in 8th grade I worked backstage and was in charge of the microphones. From there I had fallen in love with working technical theatre.